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Hennis History

Hennis Care and Assisted Living Centre is truly a family affair—a place where caring is founded upon the integrity and concern of three family generations.  Pat Hennis and the late Harry D. Hennis, owners, raised their four children with the same values and concerns for the aging that guided Harry’s mother, Harriet B. Hennis in 1947, when the Centre was founded. 

The Beginning

With a $9,000.00 G.I. loan, the able assistance of his mother, and a lot of faith, Harry purchased an eleven-room brick mansion located on the corner of W. 8th St. and North Wooster Avenue, which became Hennis Nursing Home.  The building was painted, wallpapered and cleaned with the assistance of Harry and Harriet.  It was home for 24 residents.  In 1961 a two-story addition was built comprising of an office, expanded recreation and dining areas, and space for 6 more beds expanding the home to 30 patients. A home adjacent to the nursing home was purchased and renovated to provide room and board and some assistance to those who needed some care but not nursing home care. Originally, much of the food prepared by the fine cooks was homegrown in Harriet’s garden and a garden on the grounds.  Fresh vegetables and fruits were used throughout the summer and long hours were spent canning so that these could be enjoyed in the winter also.  Homemade noodles, fresh baked pies and tasty heaping portions was and still is the everyday fare at Hennis. While Harry administered the business side of the home, his mother provided that special “woman’s touch” and a nurse’s intuition that Harry considered so vital to a secure, warm caring environment.  Since Harriet passed away on April 13, 1970, Harry’s wife Pat has provided that “woman’s touch”. 

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

In 1947, Harriet B. Hennis and Harry D. Hennis opened Hennis Rest Home and some 60 years later there are some am


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