"Paris Biennale of antique dealers" in France last month Grand Palace in Paris end, this is the second time I have the honor, it's a marathon, as expected, the process is to endure rooms repos.Beaucoup people asked me how the show after the success of the celebration, but my heart is in the prime of silent fireworks goes off, it's all very well, but my ear is silent my heart is without a trace.Parce there is no end, and, of course, not talking about starting, always on the road without warning.

Cartier Juste Un Clou Pendant In White Gold With Diamonds

During the exhibition, a piece of Cartier jewelry replica, so the presence of people particularly curious, there is even a veteran of the Cartier jewelry expert, his right hand Zeiss, left hand works incredibly constantly asked, what - what this stuff works I am here also introduce you to all the monde.Cette part is a crystal article, necklaces Cartier emerald and canary theme, the clamp ring on a type of crystal closed by implied ber mosaic connected to theReplica Cartier necklace, is a 211.74 carat crystal in the middle of the mosaic is a 10.05 carat yellow diamond, hidden behind clouds Green flower, if you do not see from it is all.

But it was not that Fake Cartier love necklace, canary is inserted into a main aperture of 6.5 mm, crystal stone is hollow, hollow inside in the crystal, a mosaic from 1111 emerald and the little diamond jaune.J 'would have thought that the main stone, crystal pure crystal, but contains more links a feeling like a rêve.J'ai emptied the crystal inside the party retains its unique internal structure hair, and matching yellow diamond and emeralds scattered.

This replica Cartier juste un clou necklace, from the opening of 6.5 mm, I mean over a thousand emerald with small yellow diamond encrusted Izumo totem, when the entire visualization, vision can pass through the clouds to see the depth of field, seen from the side, can see the clouds poise at flottant.- fluctuating cold various experts jewelery is embedded inside, the crystal problem, she can not imagine that it is tools and processes for making, with pleasant public, she thinks the little diamond inlaid an inner core with a day, it works to three years.